Are you brave enough to travel in time?

Bring the secret plans from 1940 and escape from time trap in 60 minutes

About the game

I need your help! My great-grandfather, František Křižík, was a famous Czech inventor. He built the first tram line in Prague and invented electric arc lamp, which was used for street lightning at that time. During the second world war, Nazis bombed his workroom and the secret plans for his biggest invention, artificial intelligence, were lost forever. Recently, I have finished construction of the Time Machine, which he also invented, but never managed to build. I need a team of 2-5 people, who would return back in time to 1940, take the secret plans from the office of my great-grandfather and bring them back to me. Will you help me? Are you brave enough to travel in time? You might never return back.

60 minutes
1200 CZK / 50 EUR

Address: Vlkova 15, Praha 3 - Žižkov


Phone 1: +420 736 539 043

Phone 2: +420 776 592 342